Relentless Magic As Told By A Drunken Muse

The only time the magic seems to give me a rest here on Kauai is when I cloister in my bedroom (which I’ve been known to do).  I can’t seem to leave the house without stirring up major synchronicities and miracles… sheesh.  I am a firm believer in the divine power of speech… and lately I have all too often been hearing myself utter words such as “I can’t believe this!” and “this is too good to be true.”  Except the thing is… I CAN believe it.  And I aspire to live in a world where NOTHING is too good to be true, because it is God’s world and the power of Love is limitless by nature.  So when I catch myself uttering those archaic, learned phrases, I am making a practice of rerouting my mind and saying things like “I am so delighted by this!” “Life is AMAZING!”  “Thank you God, I accept this blessing!”


Honestly, I’ve been feeling pretty stunned at how great life can be.  Especially after wanting OFF this human ride all the way from my early teens to my late twenties.  Holy Popcorn, have I paid my stinkin’ dues.  And here, now… I am ready as an adrenalized, champion racehorse at the starting gate to have a great life.  I am ready to officiate the holy matrimony of my passions and my service to this world.  For so long, I thought service was something that I “should” do.  That it would make me a “good”person.  And too, I believed that passions were frivolous and masturbatory.  But… the good news IS, You Holy Team Mates, the good news IS… That our passions ARE our service to the world AFTER ALL!!!  At least mine are.  HA!  That cracked me up!  I’m finding my sense of humor again!  FINALLY!  I LOVE LAUGHING.  Ahem… and what I meant when I said “at least mine are” is that it is all a matter of belief (as all of reality is)… And there is a whole mutantly oversized cornucopia of belief systems that do not play host to the radically liberated viewpoint that says that passion and service are in fact two sides to the same shiny golden coin which pours from the Lakshmi’s own sacred palm.  But I invite you to try it on…


So back to the magic.  This morning I hitched a ride up to Hanalei to jog the bay, which allegedly is four miles long, but it sure doesn’t feel like jogging four miles… maybe because I’m barefoot and bikini clad, breathing purified ocean air, mesmerized by the play of light on the water and the happy smash of waves splaying frothily onto thirsty sand… and that just seems… “too good to be true”… see!!!!!! There it IS!  Citizens arrest!  And then Athena Grace LMNOP pulled out her figurative, linguistic handcuffs and proceeded to put this ragged, worn-out phrase behind bars to be occasionally butt fucked and fed tasteless gruel for the rest of Eternity.  LEWD!  Athena!!!  You should not be having this much fun… I am here in my bedroom cracking up!!!  You would not believe the wellspring of inappropriateness that gurgles and squirts from inside of me!  Oh Lord…  Have mercy on… THEM!  Teee-heee.


Oh, this is quite a mood!  Um… So I hitched a ride.  I considered texting the guy who got me connected on the radio to see if he would be passing through, since he commutes this way to work every day… Did I tell you that I got on the radio as a result of hitching with a soulful man named Steven, who also has a show on Kauai Community Radio and suggested that I connect with this specific host who loves to read Rumi and Hafiz poems and he’d probably be stoked to put me on?  Well that’s how it happened.  And Steven also told me it’s pretty easy for one to get their own slot… It just requires a few volunteer hours and some light training.  So I’ve been mulling this over~ what would Athena Grace’s show be about?  And is she indeed called to this specific date with Destiny?  Well…


I didn’t end up texting or calling Steven… but guess who picked me up?!?!?!  Yes.  Steven. (who confessed that he was running unusually late this morning) And no, I suppose that is NOT too good to be true, either.  But in a former life, it would have been.  In my new fangled, hopelessly Grace stained existence, it is JUST GOOD ENOUGH to be true. Just God enough to be true!  And I’m pretty sure this MEANS (all hail MEANING!) that Destiny wants me to have a show.  And YOU ALL can listen to it, because it streams online!  Probably it will be on Sunday… because that’s when all the spiritual shows are on.  I have been lamenting the weak-assed church scene on this island.  But like the prophets oft say, “If it ain’t at the party, BRING it, Bitch!”  Yeah!  I’ll be a minister when I grow up in about fifteen minutes or three weeks!  Is this the holiest news or WHAT?


Do YOU have any suggestions about what you’d like to hear on my show?  After all, it is for YOU that I will be broadcasting.  I want to make your life more celebratory and fun and creative and lucid and illuminated and inspired.  Passion and Service, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!  First comes love then comes marriage, then comes Athena Grace’s Radio Show in the baby carriage!


Life is so beautiful.  I accept.  I accept that I am God.  I accept that You are God.  I accept that I am enveloped by so much Love, it could make and break worlds with the single wink of the [All Pervading] Eye that Truly Sees.  Wash us clean, Beloved!  Oh wash us clean, now and forever more, that we may recognize the magnificent, effulgence from which we are continuously sculpting this miraculous dream of the Infinite.   Sweet dreams, oh Sisters and Brothers of the Infinite.  Please let your dreams be sweet this day! (Or else… You’ll be the next one I citizens arrest!!!! ;-O)


InLOVE and Amenning all the way,

Athena Grace LMNOP

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sophia Schorr-Kon
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 22:19:33


    Ha ha I loves it can feel you glowing through your fabulous flow of words, i am sooo up for tuning in!

    Lashings of Love

    Sophia x x


    • Athena Grace
      Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:44:43

      Sophia!!!! I can see your eyes twinkling at the mere thought of you! How ARE you??? WHERE are you?
      I’m stoked that you touched down in Athena Graceland! The moon shines brighter here as a result!
      Soul Beauty to YOU!!! and a kiss on the hand (is worth two on the bush!)
      ~Athena Grace


  2. dan
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 01:32:47

    I once told you that you are and would be a minister and have a following. Congrats!!!
    I love you!


    • Athena Grace
      Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:42:16

      You’ve told me a lot of things that are very true. You are a *very* tuned in creature. I miss sharing time and space with you. I really do. I wish I could press rewind or fast forward and find your meat suit again. Boo hoo. Thanks for hearing my heart, you Guru. Grin.
      Dreaming of Pina Coladas and your gorgeous hands,
      Athena Grace


  3. Naomi Colb
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 04:23:46

    I look forward to listening to your radio show.

    I would love a sermon every week that left me feeling
    in partnership with spirit and grateful for the opportunity to co-create.

    I would love to be reminded of the opportunity to live my life passionately and in the spirit of celebration…as a service…(as you just said:)

    I would love to be reminded that the time of my life is a blank canvass on which I can live my life as art!

    I found this post very inspirational and am so glad you are putting it out there about the power of our speaking both internally and to others!!

    Synchronistically, I attended a class tonight on being vigient with my own speaking….especially regarding the future. My friend and colleague, Summer Simonton teaches this class.

    We partner up and report the news of a year from now…
    or next week or next month, as if our vision/goals have already happened until this news is completely credible to the other person.


    • Athena Grace
      Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:40:02

      Naomi! I am so grateful for your zealous participation here in Athena Graceland! You make it a better place for all who enter! Thank you for owning that your voice matters and answering addressing my question! I’ll put all that in my pipe…
      I am in the process of DRAWING a picture of the life I am stepping into. It has been *very* powerful. As I color it in, I can feel it coming to life! Wowzers. Damn straight we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for…
      Applauding All That Is,
      Athena Grace


  4. Rosy Moon
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 06:57:05

    Oh Glory Be!!! I can see the grace stains from here. I love the nimble ease with which this radio hostess thing is flowing. I love it and am grateful for it, because it means you will not only be readable, but audible on a regular basis, bringing yr copious blessings and gifts to us all.
    I think you could start with a tutorial on voicemail message leaving, both for your own phone message and for your friends. Then move swiftly on to following your bliss, a remonstration, a how to and a why not.
    Love you,



    • Athena Grace
      Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:35:32

      God, you’re suggestions are Grrrrrreat! Thanks Moon Goddess! I’m gonna go bathe in your fullness now!
      I love you. I ache that you are across the pacific ocean.
      Heaven Freckles,
      Athena Grace
      PS~ Why does “grace stains” make me instantly think of “skid marks” (in underwear)


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