Beloved Kauai

In case you missed me on the radio today, here is the poem I read!:


Ahhhhh, Beloved Kauai,


May every single one of these words be stained and dripping with thank you!


You hold us in your crystalline, salty womb, tenderly nursing us back to Bliss.


Your sacred waters are liquid forgiveness.  When we enter this blessed, wet temple, we remember



Your boundless, smiling sky is the blue screen on which we project these quirky human images and scenes of our tangled, mystic dreams as we drift and shape shift in a breath blown direct from YEP~ Heaven.


Oh Holy Island, you are a cup who incessantly runneth with soft, verdant blessings.  I yearn to caress your soft wilderness shrouded mountains.


And as you cradle our weary, long wandering souls, we finally arrive Home and remember

we are Whole.


In your quiet, sweet seduction, you have called your Holy Soldiers forth to report

For sacred duty

Fortified by your unconditional love

And endless beauty

We stand courageous

On the front lines

Of Humanity,

Tremulous and aching

To shake awake

This slumbering Earthly State!

Willing, open and anxious we wait~

For the rapturous whistle,

Our ecstatic release from the gate

Armed with Hearts and songs

And prayers.

Winged once again,

We descend Heaven’s spiraling strand of stairs


To safe port this world abounding

with thirsty Friends


To Love’s All Pervading

Eternal Embrace!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. spirit2go
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 03:43:37

    this is beautiful… a tribute from your Soul – i know everyone listening will relate and respond. I do believe you’ve found your forever home while on Planet Earth.



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