Bird Magic

Welcome to another gloriously imperfect moment in the life and times of Athena Grace!  Make yourself at home, and rejoice that you can not hear the hideous cacophony of a sea of barking dawgies.  (Calling them “dawgies” actually softened my tense, stressed insides for a few moments.)  For the most part, they haven’t been getting to me as much as they COULD… but tonight it hurts.  Probably because I have not been in the ocean today.  The ocean has become my lover.  It’s official.  I should change my relationship status on facebook right away! …NOT!  But honestly~ when I am merged with the ocean, I am making love.  I feel wholer than whole.  I feel entirely at peace.  Bliss is no longer just a trendy word.  (Jesus, bliss is such a trendy word!  I never realized that before… but as I typed it, I felt compelled to stand up and cry out, “Hallelujah!”)  Oh, well, I guess it’s good to spend a day apart from ones lover every once in a squeaky freak show.

Another runner up of a reason why I might be extra sensitive to the domesticated beasts yowling outside my winder is that time has been so saggy and loose today like a god-awful pair of nasty, crotch stained pants with a stretched out elastic waist, hanging on a smelly, packed rack in some thrift store.  Pants that you would not wear if somebody paid you… or you might if somebody paid you… depending on how much and how motivated you are by moo-la-la… I digress…Stretchy pants time~ living today has been like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole.  It just keeps spilling down, down, down, down… Shrug.  I kinda like it.  Sorta.  I kinda like everything these days…

Life is so spankin’ good here that who cares if there’s a few crunchy, stupid moments… really!  Today while I was loafing around (God, I dig that expression… I picture myself as a fresh baked loaf of honey whole wheat bread who incessantly shleps around on saggy couches.)

I just took a blogging intermission and went in the kitchen to fix myself a massive glass of black juice… I’m cleansing my digestive tract, drinking this stuff called “intestinal drawing formula”.  Strange that something so black is sposta be good for me… but that’s neither here nor there… The moral of the story is that while in the kitchen, I swirled around with my housemate, Catherine for some highly quality moments and now I feel eighty eight percent less imperfect about the current general climate of reality.  Catherine said that she too experienced time to be thrift store, stretched out elastic waist pants today! (she didn’t mention if hers were stained or not…)  Did you?!

After talking with Catherine, I feel steeped in enchantment.  I feel like I’m dripping with magic.  I saw more cardinals this morning!  It was pouring rain and they were splashing in the flooded rain gutters in the eves above my bedroom window.  I could just see their red tails and fluffy butts as they flitted joyously in their make-shift bathtub!  Then they flew into a nearby tree so that I could admire the fullness of their profound, regal beauty.  Golly, they stun me!  I watched one of the male cardinals chase his duller colored brown wife around in the tree.  They were so playful!  She would sit still and quiet, waiting for him to come after her and then she would quickly dart to another branch. (I’ve played that game many times!)  I dig a bird who knows how to have some good old fashioned fun with her hubby!  Usually I’m not so into just watching nature like a T.V. set… Unflattering truth be told, I’d rather get lost in all my deep, “important” thoughts.  I feel like I “should” be able to just sit around and watch plants grow and junk like that.  I guess I’m getting better at it.  But I was entirely captivated my magical bird spirits.  They have visited me in so many dreams, that the respective worlds of my night time dreams and my day dreams got feverishly smeared today.

This happened again in the afternoon, when I was walking home from the Healthy Hut (the over-priced, phone booth sized, local health food store) and the post office (yup, that was my big outing for the day!)  There’s a macaw named Merlin whose cage is right up against the sidewalk.  Lately, macaws have been showing up in my dreams a ton!  Today as I was passing Merlin, he called out to me, “Hello!”  I stopped in my tracks.

“Hello,” I replied.  He sidled his way over to the edge of his cage, getting as close to me as possible.  Since macaws have been flying so close to the surface of my boundless psyche, I figured I’d take this opportunity to get more intimate with him.  I felt awkward, standing there with Merlin.  I’m not very adept at relating with birds.  When I was a kid, I stuck my finger in a green parrot’s cage and he bit half of my fingernail off.  Blood gushed out.  I was traumatized.  I told this to Merlin and he listened intently.  I heard parrots are highly telepathic, so I felt like a dork talking to him out loud in English… But he seemed more than happy to humor me.  I told him all that was on my mind.  He stood close and stretched his wings, revealing an immaculate rainbow of feathers to me (minus purple).  I studied his complex, divinely intelligent beauty in a state of transfixed awe.  I gazed right into his piercing bird eye.  Though it was nowhere near warm or human, his overall presence was disarming.  As I reflect on the experience now, I feel my heart spread wide and waft with sweetness.

Strange magic.  Birds… Somehow these vibrant birds are helping me turn my dreams inside out.  They are helping me loosen my false, white knuckled grip on “reality”.  The Dream, Itself is shaking me awake.  I like it.  A lot.


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  1. Naomi Colb
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 01:26:21



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