Humility Opens a Gateway to the Future

Humility opens a gateway to the Future…

As we stand courageous and clear on the precipice where yesterday plummets into a shimmering diamond sea of tomorrows… As we stand together yet divinely alone on this earthen throne of a present moment so ripe, we have all been called to die.  Called to die to that which is binding and false and so five centuries ago (or maybe just five seconds, if you reckon the past is but a dream lost in the erratic folds of memory).  Have you yet become intimate with the taste of crumble?  Crumbling archaic interiors, long obsolete, built in darker ages by darker minds and hearts suffocating in elongated existential shadows.

Do you wish this riddle-spitting witchy nymph would speak plain English?  Okay, I’ll give it a rip.  Word on the street is that we are in a recession.  There is a pervasive climate of dynamic tension pressing on each of us from the inside.  As snowflakes, we all have our own unique mythologies of how these current sociological conditions are playing out in our lives… Some of us are sitting prettier and our slew of sliver spoons are remaining less tarnished and worn.  Others among us feel as though we are being unabashedly bitch slapped by challenge and discomfort.  Regardless, I bet we can mostly agree that the winds of change and the tides of transformation are ripping and lapping at the shores of our consciousness.  Seemingly external, broad-sweeping conditions are wreaking havoc on our internal climate.  Everybody is being summoned to release the old.  Old ways of being, habits, limiting beliefs, blah, blah, blah.  Come on, it can’t be the first time you’ve heard that… it’s gotta be yesterday’s wrinkled, grey haired news by now.

Raise your hand if you’ve been gloriously coming undone!  Either overtly or just in a subtle fashion like the coy, saucy smile of our beloved Mona Lisa.  But like prismatic dominos, one by one we are plummeting back to earth.  Leave it to financial strains to splash us like bracing water and make us wake up to that which truly matters most.

We have been in this dying for a while now… and I have witnessed some who are reveling in the sacred refinement, while others are whining like inconvenienced, spoiled babies (while still others are doing champagne toasts on their yachts and laughing gaily at expired jokes).  This chaotic present time condition is no accident, Beloveds!  No, this is the holy kiss by All Pervading Sacred Lips, kicking off the long awaited shift in consciousness.  So I say, let the archaic structures BURN, baby!  Strike another metaphoric match on the seat of your literal britches and cast it on the groaning, bone dry ruins.  Beat your long forgotten wings with fury, stoking this fire to epic heights.  Watch the flames lick the sky and take delight as the sky licks back.  Flames dancing like unruly, ignited rainbows on the loose in inner space.  And wait… patient and riveted for a sea of phoenixes to explode from your very own hallowed ash.

Now enter humility stage east.  Inhale.  Exhale.  I could never get through Jack Kornfield’s book, After Ecstasy, the Laundry… to my dismay… because I thought that any book by that title (not to mention written by that heroic poster child of peace) was indubitably a requisite read.  But I do remember being rocked by reverence upon sipping the introduction.  Mister Kornfield shares about his early monk days when he was oh-so arduously low in the ranks of monkdom.  He was made to bow to everything, inanimate and animate alike.  At first he confessed to being wildly irritated by this incessant, consuming, full time occupation.  But after a while, he gave himself over to the practice and it changed him.  It softened him.  He merged with an authentic humility that opened a crucial door Inside.

It is this humble bowing that will allow us to die to our false selves in peace and divine trust.  As we bow to who we have been, in both light and shadow, we imbibe in implicit surrender.  It is the stalwart, belligerent ego that fights to hold on to the past, for that is the only reference point from which it can maintain a grip on its ever false existence.  Are you holding on?  What are your poor white knuckles wrapped around today and why?  Believe me, if you were to open those sweet palms wide to the smiling face of Infinity, you would anything but disappointed by the bliss that would stream ceaselessly upon them.  Pour forgiveness, compassion and gratitude upon your glimmering memories of selves and worlds past and be free at last.

Bow now and lovingly release the projections of journeys already tread.  Bless who you have dreamed yourself to be. Bless the confines and painstakingly straight lines you have once drawn around yourself because you thought that was the only way.  Not today.  Today is a day to prostrate in the dirt, to kiss and thank the ever-giving body of the earth and joyously die to the small you that never truly was.  Rebirth?  All signs point to hallelujah… but first things first.  Just be here.  Be here in the aching, shattered bliss that is full surrender to stark darkness and twisted, overgrown scapes of Great Unknown.  Be courageous and let darkness devour bowing you.  Nurse on the sweet relief that it is to be nobody for a languid summer moon.

And soon…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. spirit2go
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 09:48:11

    Couldn’t be truer, Athena…………….



  2. Sally Felt
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 09:41:19

    Oh, the gloriously undone-ing-ness! Thank you for another spill of inspired, inspiring words.


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