Coming Undone and Falling Into One

One of the unforeseen side benefits of serving as the muse of poetry is that it’s like a dipstick of humanity.  On any given day that I step out onto the front lines with my old faithful Smith Corona, I notice obvious trends in the contents of peoples’ hearts.  I find this very comforting as someone who feels deeply and has often forgotten that we are all in this together.  I repeat:  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  (I used to want to write a book with that title, once upon a twenty something year old time…)  For so long, I have believed that I was the only one inside whom the tectonic plates of unseen worlds were in regular grinding, groaning motion… until I would talk with a girlfriend… at which point my heart would heave an impressive sigh and I would feel compelled to lean out of my eleventh story, shabby-chic shuttered Parisian apartment window, busty and aglow, singing, “Hark!  I am in GREAT company!”

Yeah, for some reason I feel so much more human and suddenly free when I remember that I am not alone.  But not until I courageously raised my anchor and set sail on the tumultuous seas of Grace, offering poems to the masses as you all pass in you own blessed vessels of aloneness and uniquely woven expressions of unlimited creative potential, did I fully realize the profound truth that we are all swimming in the same Love-struck mind.

Alright, Miss LMNOP, cut to the chase, cough up the core.  Okay, okay.  I am panning my linguistic camera in from a macrocosmic, galactic vantage point right down smack dab into summer of the year of our lord (and SAVIOR!) Jesus Christ, two thousand and ten, at the Lake Meritt Farmer’s Market.  Almost everyone who I speak with, I’d say at least 77% of the people, tell me that their lives are falling apart.  Perhaps they are living without the security of jobs they loathed, traveling, couch surfing, moving across the country… or maybe they are just simply unable to accept the status-assed quo anymore and are unraveling from the inside, out.  I swear on the Bhagavad Gita!  There is a potent current sweeping us all right into Heaven’s very arms AS you read these very words.

And I just want to say, Humanity, I am very proud of you!  I am proud of the courage and the Grace that I see in how we are navigating this tumultuous terrain.  Coming undone is not exactly glamorous or comfortable.  (Phew, I just took a little yoga break and strictly for the record, I feel almost new born as a result…)  Ahem, so where was I?  Oh yeah, as I was saying, I am extremely happy to announce that we are all falling apart like the world’s biggest collection of Humpty Dumptys… except in THIS rendition of the story, we are not meant to be meticulously glued back together again.  No.  Beneath our fragile shells of ego identification there is an Oceanic, All Pervading Cream Filled Core of Bliss.  We are One inside.  We are pure and whole holographic refractions of the entire universe!  So let your egg shell smash!  Heck do like they do in Greece and smash it zealously on the threshold of your very own estate!  Let our egg shells line the crumbling pavement of an archaic world on its poetic deathbed!

It’s gonna be okay, my Beloveds.  But don’t trust ME, trust yourselves.  Trust your very own hearts, because they have been whispering this to you all along.

Another blessed reflection I have been getting from the front lines is people expressing confusion.  Many of us are wondering where to go next, what to do with our lives.  Why are we here?  Personally, I have spent way too many grueling years tortured by my own fear of making the wrong choice, taking the wrong path, DYING WITHOUT FULFILLING MY PURPOSE.  This has been a vivid facet of my own personal hell.  But no longer.  I have broken free.  Because guess what?  Reduced to the most simple terms, we all have ONE single purpose and function here in this spicy, jumpin’ dive bar called Life…


To wake the cornflake crunch UP (that was a creative substitute for the F word, Mom!  How did I do?!?!  Am I a good girl?  Please pat me on the head and approve of me!!!)  Ahem, to wake the cornflake crunch up and smell the latte-licious Truth that eternally percolates at the very center of our being.  We ARE the love we seek and it is SO copious that we could try for all eternity to give it all away and we would have to keep spilling over for at least another infinity of eternities before we would even COME CLOSE to the impossible task of emptying our Holy Cups.

Shrug.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m just taking orders from the One up those All Pervading Stairs.

Personally, I’m stoked, because all I’ve ever wanted was to WAKE the Fruity Pebbles UP.  Honestly, what more compelling question to live in than, “Who AM I?”  (I won’t be offended if you can think of a few…)  People, the air is thick with Self Realization these days.  Wisdom and Truth quiver dangerously in every breath we take.  Revelation is singing at the top of its lungs, playfully slapping us awake.  This is such a blessed time to be alive!  Never before in all the history that has been jammed down our primitive little throats has anything like this dawning of consciousness occurred.  Little Grandmother was right!  2010 is the year we remember We Are God-Goddess, the Great I AM!

So which path should you choose?  I say, take the one that begins and ends right HERE where the Love flows like an endless waterfall of honey spilling straight from the mouth of Heaven.


Except now the REAL Work begins… I can talk a great talk, but walking with the responsibility of being an ambassador if All Pervading Love… in the face of the relentless, stealthy temptation to be a selfish jerk… now THAT takes some muscle.  Stay tuned for details.

To be continued…

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. souldipper
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 05:08:25

    Hi Athena Grace – I have been deeply ensconced in water problems/issues/pressures today and had not looked at my email for hours. I decided I would first see who is blogging on Saturday night and voila – you appeared on the Tag Surfer. I loved seeing you RIGHT THERE! Finding you was like coming across my very own sister in a city away from home.

    Seems like I was reminded that we are co-creators in keeping our loved ones in love reminders. I can’t think of a better partner to share the load. And what a load. We are soooo fortunate to have the joyful task of sharing our experiences and messages of love.

    See ya,
    Love, Amy


  2. rachel
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 15:55:44

    OGod, OGoddess, OAllThere Is! I can hardly read your words as the energy washes over, in, around, and under me. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! (Yep. Seven.) Two Questions: (1) So, do you set up a table at the Farmer’s Market — or simply move among the crowd ordaining and anointing? (2) Who is Darrell — and does he feel like taking a long road trip Out West? *smileandawink* I could probably find answers somewhere here in your BlogO!Temple, but if I hang out here too long, it’s a challenge to get back into my body. XOXOXOXO

    PS: “status-assed quo” indeed. LOL


    • Athena Grace
      Aug 02, 2010 @ 04:19:45

      Thank you Rachel. Reading your reflection of your experience of my blog gets me just as high!
      What? You wanna make some good olde fashioned romance with Darrell? Should I coax him in your heavenly direction?! I will…
      And I just sit on a concrete wall with my typewriter sometimes in my lap, sometimes next to me… typing away and staring off into space to seduce people innnn.
      Where is Out West??? I thought Oakland was about as west as west could possibly west… Where do you live (almost typed “love”!!!) Where do you love! That should be what we ask instead, anyway.
      Love to you Beauty!


  3. spirit2go
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 15:56:05

    I like :~)

    I know you’re not much of a reader, but had to tell you about a book I finished last night called “Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary R. Renard. Totally based on ACIM and a couple Ascended Masters that worked with him over several years. As in anything else, I read it garnering much useful info and letting go that which I didn’t want to retain – have to tell you though, there was lots there to retain.

    love, Arlene


  4. Sumitra
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 16:59:52

    Wow! This, to me, was the most delightful of your blogs to date! I had such fun with your imagery, oh Muse of Poetry, holding the dipstick of humanity. Of course, when someone steps out into the front lines, most carry weapons of the artillery type…but not our beloved Dawnathena Grace…she’s got her Smith Corona!

    Then you continue with one visualization after another…”the tectonic plates of unseen worlds inside you in regular grinding, groaning motion”…and “leaning out your eleventh story, shabby-chic, shuttered Parisian apartment window, singing…” AND…courageously raising your anchor to set sail on the tumultuous Seas of Grace, offering poems to the masses as they pass in their OWN BLESSED VESSELS OF ALONENESS…

    Here’s another one of my favorites, “panning my linguistic camera in from a macrocosmic galactic vantage point..where?…SAMACK-DAB into…the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market!!!

    When you shouted, “All I want to say, Humanity…” you transported me back to the late 60’s, when Jason Robards shouted similarly to the apartment dwellers outside his New York City window in “A Thousand Clowns”.

    And how are we falling apart? Like the world’s biggest collection of Humpty Dumptys…except that in this rendition of the story, we are not meant to be…how? METICULUOUSLY…glued back together again.”

    You go girl!!!

    Furthermore, Miss LMNOP, let me offer you virtual pats on the head for the cornflake crunch as a substitute for the formerly oft-used f-word!

    I feel a week could be spent in an English class, disecting this blog entry, with way more fun and depth than in any English class I’ve ever been in, if disecting were our task. Personally, I would choose laughter. Can you see this blog in pictures as a video, rather than words? That would be so…yes, fun!

    Write that book, “We Are All in This Together”. I wanted to write one as a six-year-old to let adults in on the inner workings of a six-year-old mind, but alas, it remains unwritten and I can’t go back. At least your topic is timeless. But who better to write it?



  5. Caitlin
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 02:49:54

    I love this entry! Love and gratitude spilling forth to you AG. I have indeed found that I have more than I realize and it pours out of me whether I like it or not.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us.


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