The Most Crucial Blog I Have Ever Written!

God must love me.  Because She hired a professional to serenade me all night long as I drifted in and out of sleep.  A mosquito humming love songs after dark in my ear!  Thank you God!!!

But don’t be fooled.  This will NOT be a “light” entry to be shrugged off as linguistic frivolity.  This might be the most crucial blog I have EVER written and will EVER write.  Eeek, that scares me.  Makes me want to just eat [peanut] M&Ms and read about all my distant friends, drifting like pale, winking lights at dawn on the misty ocean.  But I won’t do that.  I will push on.

It’s just that last night my life changed forever.  I mean, really.  Sure, I could assert that statement about ANY moment of my existence and let it be true enough… But last night Destiny pushed me over the edge of the falls with her classy, over the elbow satin gloved hands, and now I am being pounded AWAKE by some seriously holy waters!  Fuck yeah!  What could be BETTER!?!  Nothing.

Thanks to my good friend RosyMoon’s zealous insistence, and then Mykael’s impassioned back-up action, I watched this profound youtube video series, which rearranged the furniture inside me in a way that drowned me to Life in my own inner knowing!  That is worth at least “affinity” times it’s weight in diamonds and pearls.  And I am NOT being figurative here.  I am so dangerously literal right now.

Okay, Miss LMNOP, what WAS this bone rattling, soul shattering video series?  It was a Native American “wisdom keeper” speaking about what is being born through us at this time on the planet.  It all resonated to my core.  I haven’t a single shred of doubt that she speaks Truth.  Shrug.  I just don’t.  Sure, I’m not your average God fearing, news reading, Safeway shopping, International House of Pancake dining, Politician trusting, evidence hungry citizen of the United States of Bloody America.  But stick around.  I dare ya.  You’ll see soon enough, if you are not seeing already.

The foundation concept of which “Little Grandmother” spoke was the collective shift we are making from living in our minds back into our hearts!  Instead of a moment of silence for this auspicious, long awaited Return, let’s have a moment of Macarena!

(I WISH I remembered the Macarena!  I’d be doing it all the time!  Just kidding.  But it was an endearing little dance.  Admit it.  Because people looked like total dorks when we did the Macarena… but enough people did it, that we felt secure being total dorks.  And that’s so healthy.  I say, unleash your inner dork.  DO IT NOW.  Don’t wait for it to be “okay”.  That’s why I love Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.  Check them out on my Blogroll for some immediate inspiration in the school of freedom to BE.)

So we have all been born into a world where we were taught to live from our minds… and it has made quite a mess of disconnection, confusion, scarcity and needless suffering.  Living from the heart, in tune with Source is not a new innovation.  The indigenous cultures have done it for Goddess knows how long… but in this most recent incarnation of consciousness, we have forgotten and NOW we are remembering and that KICKS ASS.  She said we are some seriously STRONG “I AMs” (aka: humans, aka: gods manifest), to be the ONES here at this time to make the shift back to LOVE. It takes some RIPPED spiritual muscles.  Yes, that means YOU!  And You and You and everyone you pass on the street and everyone living huddled in huts on dirt floors in third world countries… and mansions on the pretentious rolling hills of Oblivion.  Every one of us is the crème de la crème of consciousness.  We are the chosen Rockstars who are birthing the world’s return to LOVE.  I love this!  Suddenly I feel so connected to EVERYONE on the planet in an intimate way… like we were all hand picked for the All Star sports team!  We are *special*.

So the moral of this story, is DON’T worry.  Fear not.  Everything is falling apart, because it MUST come undone in order to make space for a world that will sparkle so hard it will knock the light back into you!  (Figure of speech, silly, the light never left you.)  Raise your hand if you’ve ever given birth, or been present at the time of birth.  Well I haven’t, but I know it’s a pretty messy, intense process.  AND I know that a woman must let go in order to allow the tender little bun to tumble out.  So as this new consciousness is born through all of us, we must LET GO.  The more we try to hold on to the perilous olde familiar, the more painful and frightening the birth experience will be.  Trust me, I know how frightening it can be to release into the unknown.  It can be way worse than a visit to the dentist… but only if we are not trusting in the All Pervading Power of Love.

So I am here to remind you (and myself) that there is nothing worth holding onto right now.  At least not with white knuckles.  Our collective landing will be soft and entirely of Grace.  It will be like free falling into clouds made of down and chinchilla fur and unicorn’s breath!  It will smell like fresh baking croissants, chocolatey birthday cake and night blooming jasmine.  It will sound like galaxies of drunken stars having over the top dance parties and orgiastic OM chanting.

See?  I told you it was good news!!!! I will NEVER be the same again.  How can fear seem real in relation to what is just up ahead for Team Humanity?  Another thing she said that was Ephiphanic for me was that we humans have been relying on one another as primary energy sources, and this is crippling and exhausting.  She said our true energy source is Nature.  Plants.  Sky.  Earth.  If we need energy, we can simply go sit under a tree and take some deep breaths for a while.  I am someone who has felt exhausted for a lot of my life, so this reminder is HUGE for me.  I haven’t been able to imagine my life without caffeine.  But I have spent my whole life in urban environments… Who knew it would be so simple to recharge?  (As I wrote that, an emphatic gust of cool breeze blew into my bedroom, and I drank it in deep.  Life always Speaks.)

But back to relying on one another for energy.  What that means in “lay terms” is that having forgotten ourselves as GOD~GODDESS, “the Great I AM”, we are constantly seeking validation from those around us.  We rely on the [sorely limited] projections of others for our sense of self.  If people see us as “good”, then we feel good [for a while].  If people see us as “bad”, we feel bad.  I have been so “guilty” of that.  What a sublime waste of energy… to be constantly seeking out the validation of others… instead of claiming our true essence as Divine Creators, connected to Source and proactively, Lovingly dreaming forth the world that we envision in our Hearts.

I have had a habit of constant doubt around my writing.  Someone tells me they read my work and were opened, moved and that I have a gift… and for a few crack-ish instants, I feel GOOD and WORTHY… but then I have fallen back into my default mode of self doubt… waiting until the next time someone “out there” throws me a modestly meat strewn bone of validation.  And then I know for another few nanoseconds that I am great.  But screw that game.  I AM God-Goddess. (As are You and You and You and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.)  I am ready to live unapologetically connected to Source.  I am ready to accept the sweet responsibility of staying Connected, humbly and willingly speaking, being, serving as an ambassador of the ONE!!!  Not such a bad gig, eh?  Who’s on board?  Who’s ready to renounce the perpetually draining practice of sucking and spitting our energy from one another and instead drinking deep of the Earth?  Come on!  All ABOARD!!!  LET’S DO THIS THING, PEOPLE!


Oh, here’s the link to the profound video series:

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. spirit2go
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 20:06:50

    I BELIEVE you!! You make me believe you, and I’m on board. Would you send over the info to see this grandmother?


  2. spirit2go
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 20:07:42

    Geez! never mind – I see it


  3. spirit2go
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 15:57:26

    I listened to everything I could find on youtube pertaining to the “Little Grandmother”. It blew me away, too. I am sending her link to everyone I know. this must be spread out so all can be exposed to the wisdom she speaks.
    Thanks so much for putting this out for me to find..



  4. cat
    Jul 10, 2010 @ 02:04:33

    Amazing. You have to know it is all truth by the way Little Grandmother is speaking. Athena, thanks for sharing and thanks Arlene, I watched three of her videos. I now know that we are connected to be part of the shift in consciousness. It’s so obvious!


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